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6 Beech – Miss Bancroft

Dear Beechers,

I hope you’ve had a good week and are keeping happy and well. Thank you to those of you (Christina, Ella, Sarah and Vincent) who have written to me, shared home learning and fascinating historic pictures of VE day. Hearing from you really brightens up my day and I love reading your work.

As it was VE day last Saturday, 75 years since the end of World War 2, I thought it might be pertinent to share some of the discoveries I have made about my family during World War 2. I wonder if you found anything interesting out about your family during the war? I would love to read your stories.

The picture of the man in RAF uniform is my great uncle, Arthur Fisher Bancroft. He was the brother of my grandfather, Tom Fisher Bancroft, who was born on 12th May 1918, during World War I. Tom’s mother, my great grandmother, May Fisher, died of something called pernicious anemia when he was only ten-years-old and at boarding school. May was very, very tall at 6 feet which is perhaps where I get my height from! She was the daughter of a doctor and a nurse herself during World War I. Tom and Arthur’s father, Walter Bancroft (my great grandfather), supported families through WWI as a vicar in Cleveland, which is an area of North-east England. After the death of his mother, Tom and his brother were brought up by Walter, a series of housekeepers and with the help of May’s brother, Robert.

Later on, Tom’s father, Walter, became a vicar in Carlisle (a city in North-west England) where Tom met his wife, my grandmother, Mary. They married in 1942 during World War II. My grandmother wasn’t able to wear a white dress due to the rationing in World War II, which you have learnt about in your home learning. Walter, Tom’s father, married them as he was a vicar. Shortly afterwards, Tom was sent to India with the British army in 1942. He also travelled to Iceland with the army but was medically discharged from here due to suffering from something called a duodenal ulcer and impetigo (some medical things for you to investigate as I know you love medical investigations!). Tom carried a picture of his mother, May, on all his expeditions – you can see this in the photo too.

Tom’s younger brother, Arthur Fisher Bancroft, sadly died in Bristol Beaufort near Carlisle during World War II when he was test piloting an aircraft for the Royal Air Force. He was buried at Walter’s church. His wife, Muriel (seen with him on their wedding day), was pregnant at the time and later gave birth to a son – my father’s cousin, Derry.

Tom was very thin after the war – another very tall man at 6ft4 but he weighed only 11 stone at the time which is evidence of some of the hardships he had to endure. There is a picture of him in India – he rode a horse hence the funny trousers! And there is another photo of him with my father, Paul Fisher Bancroft, as a baby in about 1949. Tom was very sociable and loved a party – there is another photo of him with my grandmother in the 1960s at a medieval banquet in a sailing club as my father’s family all loved sailing.

My Auntie Jill is quite the historian and she has shared this information with our family recently. For me, it served as a reminder that people go through times of difficulty and time apart from their loved ones, but that happier times are on the horizon. It is the difficult times that make us stronger and make us value what we have and those around us more.

Lest we forget.

I hope you have enjoyed this story of Tom, as I have. I will be calling your parents in the coming days so say hello if you would like to.

See you soon x



6 Beech – Miss Bancroft

Hi Everyone,
I hope you’ve had a good week. Again, I’ve really enjoyed receiving messages from some of you on the Leavers account and even reading wonderful stories about Mr. Linden’s library. It’s great to hear what you’ve been up to – reading, walks, playing basketball – thank you for taking the time to write to me! I have been busy planning some of your home learning as well as some learning for when we hopefully come back to school. The rainy weather has meant I’ve had a break from watering my plants – I forgot to say I’m also growing raspberries and strawberries. Yum! I think we should do some gardening at school. Is anyone growing anything at home? I have also been walking and cycling in the woods and admiring the bluebells – I think they’re particularly beautiful this year and I even saw a muntjac deer on my last trip! And I have started playing the piano again. I’m not sure if I told you that I play. I haven’t had time to practise for a long time though so I’m very rusty! I hope you’re enjoying your hobbies as well as the learning we’ve sent to you. Take care of yourselves and I’ll write again next week 🙂

Dear Oak Class
Well another week in lock down has passed and I thought I’d share with you the following:
Things I am doing more of… and Things I am doing less of.
Things I am doing more of:
  1. Walking – (fifteen thousand step target a day) Although today it is looking doubtful as the rain is pelting down at present. My daily walk is a lovely opportunity to clear my mind and observe nature. So many butterflies at the moment and the plants are really springing to life. At Rickmansworth Aquadrome many baby ducks have been born. I saw two trying to explore away from their mother and she got very cross with them!
  2. Looking at a computer screen – most of my work now is via technology – ( you all know how much I love that!) so I am spending most days at the laptop, whether to do my own work or helping my son wade through the vast amount his school is sending. I have learnt to use Zoom to talk to my friends on a Friday evening, Facetime and Microsoft teams for work. You’re never too old to embrace new things.
  3. Baking – still trying to perfect the banana cake. In school yesterday I made fairy cakes with the children and we decorated in the afternoon. We had to tweek the recipe a bit as we could only get plain flour but they came out surprisingly well. I’m thinking we’ll do biscuit next week.
  4. Watching TV – I know I probably shouldn’t but I’ve managed to binge a few whole series and several films. Have you seen anything good?
  5. Sleeping – bed is also a sanctuary and my sleep is definitely improved during lockdown.
Things I am doing less of:
  1. Drinking coffee. Do you remember how much I loved my coffee? Well I’ve given it up! And tea. I’m simply drinking herbal tea now. Might explain my better sleep.
  2. Rushing around – the slow pace of life really suits me. Things I may have done in ten minute can now take me a good hour. I’ve cleared all of cupboards out in the first few weeks so now there’s less to do around the house so I take my time.
  3. Talking – Some days I realise I’ve hardly spoken a word. This is very different from my usual life when teaching requires I speak a lot.
  4. Shopping – I’m a bit of a shopaholic and now the shops are closed I’m coming to realise that I really have all I need already.
What are you doing more of and less of?
I hope you are all safe and happy. Have a good week.

School Counsellor – Mrs Fowler
Hi guys!
Another week! you’ve done it ! we can do this ! I know some of us are missing being with friends and families even if we can Skype or Facetime or even just chat, I know its not quite the same. But here’s an idea. Why not write the a letter? I know! Pen and paper!What could be nicer than a handwritten letter through the letter box? Sharing news, ideas and even sharing a few jokes. Become pen pals. You could even start a lockdown diary. Just think, you could be reading it to your grandchildren when they ask you how survived that time in history because you are living through a time that will go down in the history books. Remember though, this isn’t forever. It will come to an end and we will be back together in no time at all. Keep smiling. You really are all superhero’s and we are all so proud of you.
Mrs Fowler


6 Beech – Miss Bancroft

Hi Lovelies! I hope you are keeping well, enjoying some of this beautiful sunshine and that you had a restful break over Easter. I wonder how many Easter eggs were consumed?! I have been doing lots of gardening and am now growing tomatoes, potatoes, chillies, lettuce and some lovely flowers. I just hope the slugs don’t attack! I’ve been going out on my bike for some exercise and doing what you all know is my favourite – yoga J I find it helps me keep calm and YouTube has lots of good videos if you want to do some at home. I’m also reading a lot. I’ve heard from some of you that you’ve really enjoyed the Book Project? I wonder if you’ve explored any other new books that you could recommend? If you send me any, I’ll post them here next week.

Thank you for your emails sent to the Leavers account – I love hearing from you. I hope the learning packs have been helpful. We will be reducing the number of pages next week to hopefully make it easier for you and your parents. Did you hear that David Attenborough is teaching Geography on the BBC Bitesize website? There are some other great people teaching on there too. Have a look! There’s also some fun outdoor learning activities on this website Some of you have said that you are worried about being behind when you get to secondary school. Remember all the schools are ‘in the same boat’ so all teachers will make sure you have time to catch up. All my fingers and toes are crossed that we might be together again soon – we just have to be patient and hope for the best. I’ll write here again and respond to messages again next week. Take care of yourselves and remember to keep being kind to those around you.

6 Oak – Mrs Potter

Hi everyone.
I hope you and all of your loved ones are safe and well and enjoying the lovely sunshine. My garden has suddenly shot into life and I’m enjoying having some time to keep on top of it all (as well as the occasionally hour with my book on the sun lounger!)
I have been reading a lot and have just received an order of new children’s titles to try. My attempts at baking have been hit and miss. I’ve tried banana cakes three times now with varying success; no soggy bottoms but several soggy insides! Next bake will be choc chip cookies i think. Perhaps you’ve managed some more successful dishes.
Tomorrow I am back in school again with the children who are attending so will try and get out in the sunshine and do something fun.
Enjoy your week.
Mrs Potter

6 Maple – Mrs Newman

Hello to the MIGHTY MAPLE!

How are you all? I hope you are enjoying the sunshine and some extra time at home with your family. I hope you have also enjoyed the learning packs so far. Week 2 will be with you on Monday morning.

So, today my job is to get these blogs up here for the teachers. I am enjoying writing an update blog for the website almost every day (it is the second box on the home page). There are some useful tools for your grown-ups to use. There is also a video of Miss Sherry saying hello with Bubble and Squeak! Have a look.

This weekend, I am planning on reading the end of my book on Greek Myths – it’s so good that I have been delaying the end! Mr Long said it will bring tears to my eyes so I am going to get a box of tissues ready! Have you got any recommendations for my next book?

I have also been doing some painting – very abstract painting but it has been nice to get creative during this very strange time. I heard about Sydney’s baking and funnily enough we had both been baking cinnamon buns! I look forward to hearing about what the rest of you have been up to.

Have a great week and if you do want to get in touch you can leave me a message with


Mrs Newman

School Counsellor – Mrs Fowler

Hi Guys!

I hope you are all OK. What a crazy time! I know some of you are missing your friends and family and maybe even school 😅 but you will all look back on this knowing you were superhero’s staying safe and looking after each other. You will all go into the history books!

A good way to look at these strange times is as an adventure… using your survival skills. Finding new ways to keep busy and have fun. I’m sure we will all discover new skills and talents that we never knew we had – maybe cooking, knitting, painting, den building or even novel writing. Whatever they are you are all amazing and we are all so proud of you.

Remember this won’t last forever. We will all be back together before you know it.

Stay safe and look after each other. You are all superstars!!


Mrs Fowler

P.S I am always on the end of the phone if you need a chat. Email


A school has hosted a party for over 75-year-olds because children wished to make a difference to the lives of elderly people.

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