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School Counsellor – Mrs Fowler
Hi guys!
Another week! you’ve done it ! we can do this ! I know some of us are missing being with friends and families even if we can Skype or Facetime or even just chat, I know its not quite the same. But here’s an idea. Why not write the a letter? I know! Pen and paper!What could be nicer than a handwritten letter through the letter box? Sharing news, ideas and even sharing a few jokes. Become pen pals. You could even start a lockdown diary. Just think, you could be reading it to your grandchildren when they ask you how survived that time in history because you are living through a time that will go down in the history books. Remember though, this isn’t forever. It will come to an end and we will be back together in no time at all. Keep smiling. You really are all superhero’s and we are all so proud of you.
Mrs Fowler


4 Hazel – Mrs Voller,
Hi all, hope you’re all OK and enjoying the sunshine. I’ve been in my garden this week, planting flowers and some vegetable seeds. I’ll let you know if they start to grow! I’ve also been reading a lot as you know I love to read!  I made a Greek inspired meal for my family last week so I’m keeping busy with lots of different things. What new things have you been doing to keep busy? Take care and stay safe.

Hi Everyone,
I hope you and your families are well.
As you can see, I’m enjoying the sunshine and making sure I get my daily exercise whilst walking my dogs, Blake and Logan.
Many of you know I like a variety of craft activities. On this particular morning I had just finished sewing together the knitted cardigan I’m wearing in the picture (I had to take it off as it was too hot).
As well as doing nice things, I’m making sure that I’m catching up with not such nice things, like cleaning and tidying my garage.
I hope you’re keeping yourselves busy and I’d like to hear about what you’ve been up to.
Take care
Ms Taylor
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4 Holly – Mr Payne

Hi Team, hope you are all keeping well.

It has been nice to read your e-mails and find out what you have been up to – well done to those of you who have still been using Emile for your times table practice, there are now other activities you can do on the website too.  I’ve been trying to keep a routine and have been in school; yesterday I helped Mr Rutherford with some decorating work in the ICT room and today I am going to paint some of it, hopefully without making a mess! I’ve also been trying to make sure I keep up the Cassiobury K by walking in the evenings – 16589 steps has been my best so far. After watching Britain’s Got Talent the other evening, I’ve decided to tune up my guitar as well, so hopefully by the time we come back I will be able to join the class band!


Chris Payne

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