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3 Ash – Miss Thomas

Good morning my little cherubs, I hope you and your families are all well and staying safe.

I’m looking forward to catching up with you all next week via a welcomed phone call. Get practising your best telephone voice.

This week has flown by, my veggies are looking a little sad with the recent frosts. I’m still up extremely early in the morning therefore I see the silver carpet covering the grass, cars and roof tops. I’m keeping everything crossed hoping they recover. I’ll keep you updated.

This week’s project focused my attention in the kitchen-living-diner.

I sanded, filled, sanded and filled some more. Hoping this weekend I can paint. This was the look I sported most late afternoons this week.

We’ve also created another week’s home schooling for you. I thoroughly enjoyed planning English this week. As you know, poetry is one of my favourites, I’m sure you can all still recite The Owl and the Pussy Cat to this day. I’m hopeful you are able to reflect on this unfamiliar time with positivity and hope using the form of poetry!
What have you guys been up to? I’ll be asking you all next week…write a list so you don’t forget to tell me anything.




School Counsellor – Mrs Fowler
Hi guys!
Another week! you’ve done it ! we can do this ! I know some of us are missing being with friends and families even if we can Skype or Facetime or even just chat, I know its not quite the same. But here’s an idea. Why not write the a letter? I know! Pen and paper!What could be nicer than a handwritten letter through the letter box? Sharing news, ideas and even sharing a few jokes. Become pen pals. You could even start a lockdown diary. Just think, you could be reading it to your grandchildren when they ask you how survived that time in history because you are living through a time that will go down in the history books. Remember though, this isn’t forever. It will come to an end and we will be back together in no time at all. Keep smiling. You really are all superhero’s and we are all so proud of you.
Mrs Fowler


3 Alder – Miss Cassidy
Hi Everyone,
Hope you’re all well and enjoying the beautiful sunshine! I am trying to keep myself busy by baking and going for walks or runs for my essential exercise. I am missing playing netball and other team sports though! What are you all enjoying doing?
I am going to catch up with David Attenborough’s geography lessons this weekend. Have you watched any of his lessons or programmes? What do you think?
Hope you’ve enjoyed week 1 of your learning packs.
Keep safe and well
PS: I love a riddle, Can you solve this one-  What goes up but never comes back down? (i’ll tell you the answer in next weeks post…Enjoy!)

School Counsellor – Mrs Fowler

Hi Guys!

I hope you are all OK. What a crazy time! I know some of you are missing your friends and family and maybe even school 😅 but you will all look back on this knowing you were superhero’s staying safe and looking after each other. You will all go into the history books!

A good way to look at these strange times is as an adventure… using your survival skills. Finding new ways to keep busy and have fun. I’m sure we will all discover new skills and talents that we never knew we had – maybe cooking, knitting, painting, den building or even novel writing. Whatever they are you are all amazing and we are all so proud of you.

Remember this won’t last forever. We will all be back together before you know it.

Stay safe and look after each other. You are all superstars!!


Mrs Fowler

P.S I am always on the end of the phone if you need a chat. Email

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