Year 2 Transition


A message from Miss Sherry:

19th June 2020

Dear Parents and Carers

Please see below your child’s new class and teacher allocation for September 2020. When allocating teachers we have been mindful of the needs of each class.

Current Class   Next Teacher     Class Name
Badger          Miss Thomas      3 Ash
Heron           Miss Evans       3 Alder
Fox             Mrs Cooper       3 Apple

Our teachers will meet the Year 2 children on their transition days in the last week of term. The Infant School will inform you which days your child is visiting. On the day your child visits they will receive a small ‘take away’ from our catering company to share at home. This will give you a small taste of food offered.

From Monday there will be a Year 2 transition page on our school website. This will include the
 Parent Handbook
 A copy of this letter
 A new starter form
 Small welcome videos and tours to be added over the next 4 weeks to introduce staff and the premises.

You will be contacted over the next 4 weeks by your child’s new teacher to have a ‘getting to know you,’ call. Please be aware that teachers are teaching so they will take a while to get to call all of you.
I am really looking forward to getting to meet you all next term and may even brave a short video on the website one day when the lighting is particularly forgiving!!!

Kind regards,
Jenny Sherry

Letter to Parents:

New Pupil Start Form:

Parent Handbook 2020: