Cassiobury Junior School – Draft Curriculum Statement

At Cassiobury Junior School, we aim to offer a curriculum that is broad, balanced and will set children up to be prepared for the future. It is designed to excite and enthuse the whole school community through a clear vision of curriculum intent, implementation and impact.

We believe that children will engage more if learning is interesting, exciting and challenging. As such, we take a thematic approach towards planning. This allows teachers to develop links across subjects, and also allows for flexibility to respond to current events and specific needs of the children. Diversity and inclusion are promoted and we aim to develop children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural skills.

Curriculum Drivers

Our curriculum drivers are at the core of everything we do. At present these are:

  • Environment – Having pride in our surroundings, both within school and outside.
  • Ready for the future – Developing aspiration, skills and a growth mind-set
  • Language and communication – Developing a rich and varied vocabulary across all subjects, and learning how to share our ideas effectively.

Our curriculum is skills based. This means that teachers are focused on the skills that children need to acquire to develop as learners, not just the rote learning of knowledge. We believe that with the right tool-set, children will ‘know what to do, even when they don’t know what to do’.

For English and Maths, we work towards the objectives set by the local authority. These are supplemented by our teachers own professional knowledge and judgement. Other schemes may be used where deemed appropriate.

For Science and foundation subjects we are using the Chris Quigley Essentials curriculum. This covers everything that the National Curriculum states must be taught, and breaks the curriculum down into clear milestones with key skills that need to be learned.

For Computing, we follow the Rising Stars Switched on Computing Scheme.

We teach in mixed ability classes with three classes per year group, except in year 6 where we may stream the children. Where gaps are identified we aim to address them through ‘quality first teaching’ in the classroom. Additional interventions may sometimes be required if further needs are identified. Children are assessed on an ongoing basis, through both teacher assessment and formal testing.

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