Our Vision

An inclusive school providing a safe, inspiring setting for children to flourish


At Cassiobury Junior School we aim to:

  • Promote community cohesion through emphasizing the common values shared by our stakeholders, whilst respecting and celebrating our different cultural traditions and having a strong regard for the values held dear in the British culture.
  • Strive to deliver excellent teaching and learning across a broad and balanced curriculum
  • Establish strong cross-curricular links within the school’s schemes of work, to create a context in which pupils can make links between their learning in different areas of the curriculum.
  • Ensure that computing is used innovatively to extend our pupils’ learning capacity and to extend and nurture of our young coders
  • Provide rich opportunities for extra-curricular activities across a range of subjects and throughout the year groups
  • Appreciate the individual learning needs of all our pupils, paying particular attention to pupils who are under achieving and strive to enable them to maximize their learning progress
  • Develop emotional and social intelligence in our pupils in order to stimulate the capacity for learning, creativity and developing effective relationships
  • Nurture all our pupils and foster resilient learners, who know their strengths, have self-belief and are independent learners
  • Provide opportunities for children to reflect on their learning through an effective pupil teacher dialogue on next steps for learning
  • Help all individuals to learn how to make good behaviour choices, to take responsibility for their actions and consider the impact they have on other people and their environment
  • Promote and enable pupils to understand the need to make safe and healthy life choices – food, exercise, personal decisions, relaxation and managing stress
  • Encourage respectful relationships amongst all members of the school community and a climate of mutual respect
  • Promote the development in learners of resilience, resourcefulness, reflectiveness and the ability to work collaboratively
  • To recognize the crucial role which parents play in their child’s education and make every effort to encourage parental involvement in the educational process