School Vision and Staff


Cassiobury Junior School Vision

‘learning to Learn, Growing Together, Ready for the Future’


Our school vision is designed to explain to stakeholders why we exist as a school and what we aim to achieve for the children in our care. This vision was reviewed during the 2017-18 academic year and took into account the views of pupils, staff and governors.

Learning to Learn

We aim to…

  • Challenge ourselves
  • Become lifelong independent learners
  • Offer a broad and inclusive curriculum
  • Question the world around us
  • Engage with all areas of learning
  • Enable everyone to reach their full potential

Growing Together

We aim to…

  • Develop our confidence and become resilient to new challenges
  • Support each other to overcome barriers to learning
  • Show respect to all so that we are safe to be ourselves
  • Find our strengths and develop them
  • Have high expectations and standards

Ready for the Future

We aim to…

  • Develop aspirations for all
  • Be active citizens within our community and society
  • Develop life skills that will support us now and in the future

School Staff

Welcome to the section of the website about the fabulous staff at Cassiobury Junior School. All adults at CJS strive to give the children the best possible experience.

Senior Leadership Team

Jenny Sherry


Designated Senior Person for Safeguarding

Natasha Newman

Assistant Headteacher

Chris Payne

Assistant Headteacher

Steve Long

Assistant Headteacher

Natasha Newman

Inclusion Leader

Year 6

Chris Payne

Year 6 Leader, Class Teacher and Maths leader

Anna Reynolds

Class Teacher and Art Leader

Tzipora Drucker

Class Teacher and Science Leader

Year 5

Steve Long

Year 5 Leader, Computing Leader and NQT Mentor

Ben Morgan

Class Teacher

Imogen Bancroft

Class Teacher

Year 4

Debbie Taylor

Year 4 Leader, Class Teacher, History and Geography Leader and NQT Mentor and BEd Mentor

Sally Cooper

Class Teacher

Kirsten Voller

Class Teacher and PE Leader

Year 3

Deborah Ferguson

Year 3 Leader and English Leader

Sarah de Souza

Class Teacher

Katharine Paradas

Class Teacher and DT Leader

Specialist Teaching Staff

Liz Sanderson

Year 5 and 6 Maths Specialist Teacher

Tamina Shah

Cover Teacher and RE Leader

Intervention Support

Shymala Amaranath

Pupil Premium Champion

Shamim Marsh

Literacy Support

Rosanne Handscombe

Literacy and Maths Support


Neena Kint

Teaching Assistant

Pastoral Support

Michele Fowler

School Counsellor and PSHE Leader

Admin Team

 Keith Armstrong

School Business Manager

Sarah West

Finance and Personnel Assistant

Ruth Harrison

Admin Assistant

Helen Clarke

Admin Assistant

Site Team

Graham Barnard

Site Manager

Pete Rutherford


Catering Team

Thess Endrinal

Catering Assistant

Anna Makuch

Catering Assistant

Carolyn Connor

Catering Assistant

Senior Lunchtime Supervisor

Rosanne Handscombe

Lunchtime Supervisors

Naheed Ahmed

Shyamala Amaranath

Zoe Chapman

Flora Patel

Hayley Lovelock-Halladey

Helen Dawoodi