About Us/Staff

Welcome to the section of the website about the fabulous staff at Cassiobury Junior School. All adults at CJS strive to give the children the best possible experience.

Senior Leadership Team

Jenny Sherry


Designated Senior Person for Safeguarding

Gary Stanley

Deputy Headteacher

Deputy Designated Senior Person for Safeguarding

Natasha Newman

Inclusion Leader

Year 6

Lizzie Hayward

Year 6 Leader, Class Teacher and NQT Mentor

Jan Bell

Class Teacher and Maths Leader

Nicole Kelly

Class Teacher

Jyoti David

Learning Support Assistant

Year 5

Ben Morgan

Class Teacher

Tzipora Drucker

Class Teacher and History Leader

Amy George

Class Teacher and English Leader

Rebecca Diaz

Year 5 Teaching Assistant

Year 4

Claudia Keating

Year 4 Leader, Class Teacher and Science Leader

Rozeena Asmat

Class Teacher and Religious Education and Festivals Leader

Kirsten Voller

Class Teacher and Geography Leader

Shyamala Amaranath

Year 4 Teaching Assistant and EAL

Shamim Marsh

Year 4 Teaching Assistant

Rosanne Handscombe

Year 4 Teaching Assistant

Sally Cooper

Trainee Teacher

Year 3

Deborah Ferguson

Year 3 Leader, Class Teacher, PE and MFL Leader

Sophie Appleford

Class Teacher and Art Leader

Katharine Paradas

Class Teacher and DT Leader

Sej Patel

Year 3 Teaching Assistant

Tayyeba Waqar

Year 3 Teaching Assistant

Soeli Watson

Year 3 Teaching Assistant

Specialist Teaching Staff

Liz Sanderson

Year 5 and 6 Maths Specialist Teacher

Jan Bell

Year 5 and 6 English Specialist Teacher

Pastoral Support

Michele Fowler

School Counsellor and PSHE Leader

Admin Team

Rhona Anderson

School Business Manager

Sarah West

Finance and Personnel Assistant

Ruth Harrison

Admin Assistant

Helen Clarke

Admin Assistant

Gordon Campbell

Network Manager/IT Technician

Site Team

Graham Barnard

Site Manager

Pete Rutherford


Catering Team

Thess Endrinal

Catering Assistant

Anna Makuch

Catering Assistant

Carolyn Connor

Catering Assistant

Senior Lunchtime Supervisors

Rebecca Diaz

Rosanne Handscombe

Lunchtime Supervisors

Naheed Ahmed

Shyamala Amaranath

Zoe Chapman

Jyoti David

Shabana Mehmood

Flora Patel

Tayyeba Waqar